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I want to welcome you to Coach Peel’s Football Website.  This is the largest group of football playbooks and football coaching resources available on the internet.  I hope that you have the opportunity to take advantage of our offers that are as low as one-tenth the cost of my competitors.

The collection of football playbooks and football coaching materials is vast and diverse.  There are football playbooks and football coaching files that range from the obscure to commonly-used football schemes.  If you are looking in to a scheme that you are looking to run for your team or more information for a scheme that you are currently using, you have found the right place.

Finding the right football playbooks and notes on football coaching are rare to find anywhere on the internet.  For that reason, I am working to diversify this site by getting more football playbooks and football coaching resources and materials.  If you have some, I might be interested in a trade so let me know.

As it stands now, I am in the process of adding playbooks to my website.  At this time, some playbooks are unavailable.  Those that are available have a button saying "Add to Cart" next to them.  If no such button is next to a playbook, the playbook is not available in either the package or individually.  Currently, I am working hard to make sure that all the playbooks are installed as quickly as possible.

If your playbook you want to buy is not available, send me an e-mail at alan@alanpeel.com to let me know and I will be sure to get the playbook of your choice available as soon as possible and inform you of when it is available.

If you have questions about whether or not I have a particular playbook, please contact me and ask.  I will be as prompt as I can be in responding.

Best of luck to you and your teams this season!

Coach Peel

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3-3-5 Defense 6-3 Defense
3-4 Defense Air Force Defense
3-5-3 Defense Defensive Articles
4-1-6 Defense Defensive Backs
4-2-5 Defense Defensive Coaching Forms
4-3 Defense Defensive Fundamentals and Drills
4-4 Defense Defensive Line
46 Bear Defense Gap 8 Defense
50 Eagle Defense Goalline Defense
5-2 Defense Linebackers
5-3 Defense Multiple 8-Man Front
5-4 Defense Nickel Stunt Defense
6-1 Defense Swat Package
6-2 Defense Tight 3 Defense


8-Man Plays Pro Offenses
Air Coryell Purdue
Air Raid Offense Quads
Bash Offense Quarterback Play
Beast Offense Rubics Cube
Big Formation Run N Gun
Bunch Offense Run N Shoot
BYU Offense Running Backs
College Offenses Short Punt Offense
Double Wing Shotgun Offense
Fat Offense Single Back Offense
Flexible Offense Single Wing Offense
Fly and Jet Sweeps Slot T Offense
Fun N Gun Split-Back Veer
Goalline Offense Spread Offense
High School Offense Spread Option
I Formation T Formation
Lonesome Polecat Toss Offense
Nebraska/Osborne Offense Tri Power Offense
Notre Dame Box West Coast Offense
Offensive Articles Wide Receiver Drills
Offensive Line Wing I
Offensive Organization Wing T Offense
Option Offense Wishbone Offense
Passing Yale Formation
Pistol Offense Zone Offense

Special Teams


2004 Lone Star Clinic Coaching Organization and Philosophy Practice Planning
2004 UCA Clinic Football Trainers Scouting and Evaluation
Arkansas Clinics Game Planning Strength, Conditioning, and Training


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Pricing of Individual Playbooks
Price (US $) Min. Pgs. Max Pgs.
  $         2.00  1 50
  $         4.00  51 100
  $         6.00  101 150
  $         8.00  151 200
  $       10.00  201 250
  $       12.00  251 300
  $       14.00  301 350
  $       16.00  351 400
  $       18.00  401 450
  $       20.00  451 500
  $       22.00  501 550
 $       24.00 551 600
 $       26.00 601 650
 $       28.00 651 700
 $       30.00 701 or More

If you have an electronic playbook and would like to trade, e-mail me and we'll be in touch.  Under no circumstance will I consider trading any materials related to teams that I have been associated with because I do not have any of them.

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Coach Peel Football Playbooks Total Package

Defensive Playbook Categories
Entire Defensive Package
3-3-5 Defense
3-4 Defense
3-5-3 Defense
4-1-6 Defense
4-2-5 Defense
4-3 Defense
4-4 Defense
46 Bear Defense
50 Eagle Defense
5-2 Defense
5-3 Defense
5-4 Defense
6-1 Defense
6-2 Defense
6-3 Defense
Air Force Defense
Defensive Articles
Defensive Backs
Defensive Coaching Forms
Defensive Fundamentals and Drills
Defensive Line
Gap 8 Defense
Goalline Defense
Multiple 8-Man Front
Nickel Stunt Defense
Swat Package
Tight 3 Defense

Offensive Playbook Categories
Entire Offensive Package
8-Man Plays
Air Coryell
Air Raid Offense
Bash Offense
Beast Offense
Big Formation
Bunch Offense
BYU Offense
College Offenses
Double Wing
Fat Offense
Flexible Offense
Fly and Jet Sweeps
Fun N Gun
Goalline Offense
High School Offense
I Formation
Lonesome Polecat
Nebraska/Osborne Offense
Notre Dame Box
Offensive Articles
Offensive Line
Offensive Organization
Option Offense
Pistol Offense
Pro Offenses
Quarterback Play
Rubics Cube
Run N Gun
Run N Shoot
Running Backs
Short Punt Offense
Shotgun Offense
Single Back Offense
Single Wing Offense
Slot T Offense
Split-Back Veer
Spread Offense
Spread Option
T Formation
Toss Offense
Tri Power Offense
West Coast Offense
Wide Receiver Drills
Wing I
Wing T Offense
Wishbone Offense
Yale Formation
Zone Offense

Special Teams
Special Teams

Entire Miscellaneous Package
2004 Lone Star Clinic
2004 UCA Clinic
Arkansas Clinics
Coaching Organization and Philosophy
Football Trainers
Game Planning
Practice Planning
Scouting and Evaluation
Strength, Conditioning, and Training